7 August 2016 – Hexham

I was meant to be riding… Picked box up from a routine service, packed box up, loaded Wolf, set off up the A1 and then we got to Wetherby and it cut out. Started again first time, but we decided that it was a long drive and we couldn’t risk it so took Wolf home again. He was very bemused when we unloaded him. Anyhow, I was meant to be riding with Val and her grey arab, Dan, I rang her, she’d already set off, so we said we’d meet her there and we’d crew her instead. All that way for a 20km pleasure ride….as you do 😉

I’ve always wanted to ride at Hexham, ever since I last crewed Val there in the ER (ahem) years ago. It’s beautiful. But it’s one of those rides that seems to be jinxed for me. Val also had worries – Dan has been making very good friends with his vet and physio for the last couple of years and this was the first ‘proper’ ride she’d taken him to for ages.

First trot up, and he was stonking, no worries there. So they were off.

It was as I remembered it, stunningly beautiful. We had a good view of the route from the crewpoints, and could see the horses climbing up onto the moor.


Dan came round the corner like a train – being relieved from ‘experienced schoolmaster escort duties’ meant all bets were off. The promised calm sunny day turned out to be a blustery wind-fest, too, particularly on the exposed moor, and I think it’s fair to say he was a little bit wired….



Somewhere towards the top end of the allowed speed for pleasure rides (!!), and Val and Dan sauntered back into the venue with big grins on their faces.


I was on trot up duties, and Dan was a very good boy if a little ‘forward’. Passed 101% sound, even bigger grins all round.


I may not have achieved what I wanted from the day, but sometimes helping others achieve their goals is just as good. And that’s what is so ruddy amazing about our sport 🙂

Thank you to everyone involved in the Hexham Ride – you pulled off a blinder of a ride and everyone seemed to be happy and smiling, which is what it’s all about. And thank you to Val & Dan for making my day after a frustrating start.


7 August 2016 – Hexham

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