How did that happen then?

Well the season hasn’t quite gone as I’d intended, and if you’d told me at the beginning of the year what was likely to unfold I would never have believed you. Haven’t ridden at any rides, but on the plus side, I did get the pony halfway to Wetherby before the box cut out, so I know that he still loads and travels well. And we’ve found a very good diesel specialist, recommended by my wonderful farrier, who hopefully has (touch wood) fixed the box – it became a matter of principle for him, and he did it!

So instead of riding we got about a bit and helped. Had a wonderful weekend helping at the Lions Tail for the Riding Club Endurance Championships, and a lovely day in the sun helping at a new Notts ride. Then an absolutely marvellous long weekend helping out at Red Dragon, such a good laugh with a really good volunteer team and also a real eye opener – I learnt such a lot.

My career longevity article has been published which I have been working on for some time. Hopefully it will prove useful.

And then, I went and did something really silly. Various people (you know who you are….) used their best persuasive skills to get me to put myself forwards for the Board. I figured ‘Well I can always put myself forwards for election, and if the members want me then they’ll vote for me and if they don’t then they won’t’. Only there weren’t enough candidates to force an election which means that I am currently enjoying my last couple of weeks of ‘freedom’ before the AGM and I get to sign my life away for the next three years. It’s a very daunting and challenging prospect but I hope that I will do a good job. Eeek!

How did that happen then?

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